Wendy Hobart


Wendy completed her yoga teacher training at Yoga for You, a Shambhava Yoga Center in 2010.  She is a certified teacher of Shambhava Yoga and Meditation.  Wendy loves to encourage people of all ages and abilities to try yoga and realize the many benefits of a regular yoga practice.   Wendy’s classes emphasize strength and body awareness in a calm and peaceful environment. 

Wendy began practicing yoga, intermittently in medical school to help deal with stress.  Life happened with a busy medical practice and children, and time to practice yoga was placed on the back burner.  After running a marathon in 2006, Wendy returned to yoga to stretch out her body.  With a regular yoga practice and yoga teacher training, she stretched her mind and body in ways she didn’t think were possible.  She also gained personal strength and confidence.  Yoga can change people’s lives.

Currently, Wendy is working towards her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Certification through the Shambhava School of Yoga with Susan Levine.  In 2015 she will help teach a prenatal yoga teacher training and open Sunflower Yoga Studio in Hutchinson, Kansas.

When not teaching yoga, Wendy enjoys spending time with her family and two big dogs, running and hiking, cooking and reading.