Jade Piros De Carvalho

In 2005, I stepped into my first yoga class in desperate search of a tool to help me overcome the anxiety that had plagued me for years. By learning to sit in the present moment, regardless of what emotions came up, and an intense focus on the breath, this practice transformed my life. Yoga became the vehicle that allowed me to move from a space of fear and inadequacy to one of joy and confidence. That freedom is what I wish to share with my students. 

I believe in teaching students to honor what their bodies and minds are capable of today, while encouraging them to work at the edges of their perceived physical and mental limitations. The poses are never the goal. They are merely a tool for recognizing the truth that we already have within us, all the strength, wisdom and joy we need. We need only to uncover that jewel within us! 

My practice and instruction is influenced by my teachers: Joya Xiaofengli, in the Sivananda tradition, Adrian Tartler in the Ashtanga/Power Yoga style, and my current teacher, Renee DeTar, who blends deep knowledge of the Iyengar lineage with Vinyasa to instruct alignment-based flow classes. 

When not teaching yoga, I work in marketing and enjoy volunteering for my community and spending time with my amazing husband, Alex.