Julia Johnson

Julia Johnson, mother of four, is committed to helping her own and other children grow in mind, body and spirit.  Through work experience as director of Children’s Ministry and a teacher in her church, she has encouraged and guided pre-school through sixth graders to grow in faith and service to others.  

Julia has been practicing yoga for 5 years, starting when Wendy began her training.  She has seen and experienced the benefits for Wendy and also her sister who is a certified yoga instructor in India.  She is currently working on her 240 hour on-line certification through Aura Wellness Center with practical instruction and consultation at Sunflower Yoga. 

Julia’s desire is to teach yoga to children.  She wants to help children become good stewards of the bodies God has given them and develop tools to enjoy a fruitful life.  We all have an inner light that can be strengthened and nourished through the practice of Yoga.  What an advantage children will have when learning yoga at an early age.  Yoga is not just an exercise form but a way of life.  Let your light shine!